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Although we couldn’t have BookOWeen as we usually do because of Covid rules, we still made sure today was a fun day. We made a BookOWeen video for the students to watch, one grade level dissected owl pellets, another grade level had an escape room activity, and other grade levels had neat activities as well. Lots of candy was eaten and many cool costumes were seen around campus today. Have a safe and fun Halloween:)


Your child most likely brought home a report card today. We are a quarter of the way through this school year and now is prime time to make sure your student is working to his/her potential. If your child’s progress is not what you’d like for it to be, please schedule a conference or a phone call with the teacher. We’re not allowed to have face to face conferences, but we can certainly have a virtual meeting and/or a phone conference. Please remember that we are all on the same team…your child’s team. You want them to succeed and so do we!


This coming Tuesday is another Remote Learning Teacher Workday, just like the one we had on October 19. To explain that to you again, that means that the teachers will send work home on Monday to be done before the students return on Wednesday. As long as the work is turned in on Wednesday, November 4, your child will be counted present for Tuesday, November 3. Even though the students will not physically be present on Tuesday, it will count as a student day in the school calendar.As I explained last time, this is a statewide mandate that each school system have five of these days in their school system’s calendar.



1. Please don’t forget to wear a mask anytime you are out of your vehicle on campus. This is not my rule; it’s one we’ve been given by the NC Department of Health and Human Services. We have been fortunate so far and need to remain vigilant in our 3 W’s…WEAR the mask, WAIT and keep 6 feet of distance between each other, and WASH our hands or use hand sanitizer often. The students are doing an awesome job of wearing their masks and so are most adults. The times I most often see some adults not wearing masks are when you’re walking your kids up to the sidewalk during morning carline and when you’re walking up to get your kids during afternoon pick up time. Please help us out and follow the rules…it’s not political, it’s just the rules we’ve been given. THANKS!2. Remember that Daylight Savings Time ends this weekend so set your clock back an hour before you go to bed Saturday night. I always remember that we “fall back in the fall”.



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