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We have a spring math challenge that will begin next week and run through the first week of May. Each student will have a ninja hanging in the hall on a ribbon and as the student reaches their different goals, he/she will get to move their ninja up the ribbon. Your child has either brought home information about their grade level’s goals or he/she will be bringing info home very soon. At the end of the challenge, all students whose ninjas have reached the top of their ribbons (have met all of the goals) will get a reward. This will probably include inflatables and hopefully some other “ninja-like” activities. This is an incentive program and the fun day is a reward…only students who work hard and meet their goals will get to participate. After you see your child’s grade level information, if you have questions please contact your child’s teacher. This challenge will be attainable for all students, but they will have to work hard and earn it.

Having said all that, this coming Monday (2/15) is our first day and we’d like to kick it off by everyone dressing like a ninja. I’ve been telling the kids this all week on the announcements…ninja outfits, but no swords or throwing stars or nunchucks…just black clothes and masks (we’ve all got that one covered anyway) and maybe a headband.

The point of all this is to encourage students to reach their math goals. The school closure last spring has left gaps in students’ math fact knowledge and we’re just trying to do something to get them excited about learning and retaining those skills.



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