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Spring Pictures

Pictures are coming home this week. Please return money or check (made to Strawbridge) in the envelope provided in the packet. If you order online, be sure to record the confirmation code on the envelope and return that. Any pictures that are not purchased must be returned. Everything is due by Friday, May 7.

Staff Appreciation Week

Don’t forget that next week (May 3-7) is Staff Appreciation Week. Friday, May 7 is specifically National School Lunch Hero Day. You have no idea how much a simple, hand written note of appreciation means to a teacher.

Kindergarten Registration

Please remind your friends, neighbors, and family members who have uprising kindergarten students that registration is Tuesday, May 11, 4:30-6:30 pm. This will be a drive thru format. If parents bring birth certificates and driver’s licenses, we will make copies of those for our records. Information packets will be handed out and a short info sheet will be completed so we can start making plans for August. Anyone who cannot attend on May 11 needs to come by the school and pick up a registration packet as soon thereafter as they possibly can.

Lockdown Drill

Our final lockdown drill of the school year is coming up in early May. We are required to do two of these each school year. We always have law enforcement officers, the fire marshal, and folks from the HCS maintenance department present when we do this so we can all make sure that the procedures we have in place are what would be best in the event that we really did have an emergency.

Summer Camp vs. Summer School

These two things can be very confusing sometimes so I want to try to clarify what each of these programs are.Summer Camp is like our after school (used to be called “latch key”) program. It is housed at BES and the students are served breakfast, lunch, and a snack. Although there are reading times and some academic components, summer camp is NOT going to help a student gain academic skills in the summer. It will keep them on a routine, but the biggest purpose of our summer camp is to provide our working parents with an inexpensive full time child care option in the summer months. Summer camp is what the application that I included in the newsletter a few weeks ago was for. If you need to sign your child up for summer camp, please get that application done as soon as possible so we can make sure we have enough workers ready when school is out.

Summer School is what the legislature has mandated that each school district will provide this year to fight the backward academic slide that has happened to many students due to Covid and the school closures that came along with it. This will be free and all students who are below grade level in reading and/or math will be invited to attend. More details about summer school (locations, dates, times, etc.) will be coming soon.

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