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Summer school letters and registration information was sent home this past Friday to all eligible students. Please make sure you look in your child’s backpack for this information. Registration forms are due back this Wednesday, May 12. If you have questions after reading the information, please call and ask. If I don’t know the answer, I will certainly find out and get back with you.This summer school is the academic summer school mandated by the NC legislature in an effort to help fill in the learning gaps created by the Covid-19 school closures.

Our summer (latch key/”after school”) program still has available slots. If you need an application or more info about that program, please let us know.


We don’t take specific teacher requests, but if there is a teacher you wish to avoid for your child next year we will certainly take that into account. Please keep in mind that teachers sometimes change grade levels so make sure you are inclusive of all who you wish to avoid in your correspondence.You can reply to this newsletter email and I (Mrs. H) get those emails or you can email me atĀ hhollingsworth@haywood.k12.nc.us

These requests need to be received by Friday, May 28.


General rules for masks outdoors have changed so here is the most recent update from Haywood County Schools. All must continue to wear masks when outside unless 6 feet of distance between people is being maintained at all times. This applies for students and adults at recess and parents in the “walk up” line during afternoon dismissal as well as our folks working the car line.We are out of child sized cloth masks to give to students when they forget to wear one to school. We have plenty of adult sized cloth masks and we can make them fit the kids (tie knots in the straps, etc.) but they are not comfortable and are still ill fitting. The kids have a really hard time keeping those on but that’s all we’ve got left in these last 19 days of school. Having said that, please remember that masks are still required and it’s hard enough for a kid to wear one all day, much less one that is way too big and ill fitting. Please send your child to school with a mask that fits them. Thanks in advance!!


Please remember that we do not allow check outs after 2:30 unless it is an emergency. An emergency is that someone is being rushed to the hospital or a younger child just threw up in the car. If your student has a doctor or dentist appointment right after school please come check them out at 2:30. There are safety (and other) reasons for this request. If you’d like more information about that please call and I’ll explain it to you.Afternoon car line parents:

The sun’s glare makes it very difficult to see the car tag when it’s laying on the dash of your vehicle; it also makes it almost impossible to see the person driving the car until you’re right at the person who is calling names. That is fine as long as you’re going slow and paying attention to the person calling names. Lately however, we have had several people blow right past while talking on the phone, and we have not had a chance to even call the child’s name. Our people in the afternoon car line do a really good job of recognizing vehicles and parents and even knowing what grade the child is in without a tag even being in the vehicle, but we respectfully request that you not be on your phone from the time you get to the person calling names until you get your child(ren) in the vehicle. This will make things safer and quicker for all involved. Again, thanks in advance!


PHS Softball Camp is this week, Monday 5/10-Wednesday 5/12. It starts Monday with registration at 3:30 at the PHS softball field. Cleats, glove, bat, helmet, and water bottle should be brought. Cost is $50.

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