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K-4 Virtual Awards Program

Our school wide awards program will be offered virtually this year because we still cannot invite parents to come inside for assemblies or programs. The awards program will be Friday, June 4. We will do this via google meet so if you don’t have that app downloaded on your phone or tablet go ahead and do that before Friday.The link is in the most recent parent newsletter. It is very important that you remain muted while the meet is happening. Otherwise, there will be too much background noise and no one will be able to hear the students’ names being called.

Each grade level has a different time so you won’t have to log in and hang out online forever waiting on your child’s class. Here is the schedule:

K: Parents log in 8:00-8:15 & the awards begin at 8:15

1st grade: Parents log in 9:00-9:15 & the awards begin at 9:15

2nd grade: Parents log in 10:00-10:15 & the awards begin at 10:15

3rd grade: Parents log in from 12:00-12:15 & the awards begin at 12:15

4th grade: Parents log in from 1:00-1:15 & the awards begin at 1:15

If you try to log in after the awards have already begun, you may not be able to get into the meet because anyone outside of Haywood County Schools has to be “let in” by the person running the meeting. Once the awards begin, I’ll be focused on the kids and won’t be paying attention to the computer to “let you in”.

The classroom teachers know who is getting awards and they’ll be making sure you know if your child is getting one. We will be recognizing students with Perfect Attendance, Best Citizens (one girl and one boy from each grade level), and Blue Paw winners from the whole school year. Fourth grade students who are on the Battle of the Books team will also be recognized.

Just FYI, the reason why 5th grade isn’t on this schedule is because all of their awards will be given at their promotion ceremony Tuesday evening at the BMS football field.

Also, we’ve never done this before so bear with us if it’s not the most awesome experience you’ve ever had. We’re trying hard to include parents/grandparents in the best way we possibly can at the end of this crazy Covid year. Boy, are we ready to be able to invite everyone to come back in the gym for a program!!!!

Summer Imagine “Math Facts” Program

In an effort to continue our “Number Ninja” focus on math fact fluency, we are happy to tell you that we have the Imagine Math program called “Math Facts” that your student can use this summer. This program uses the same login that your child has been using all year for the regular Imagine Math program. Teachers will also send that information home again before the end of the week.All students who log at least 20 hours of Imagine Math Facts usage between June 7 and August 13 will be invited to a celebration during the first couple of weeks of school as a reward for their summer math work.

School Improvement Team

We always need parent representatives for our School Improvement Team. Meetings are once a month on Monday afternoons after car line (so about 3:25-3:30). We’re hopeful that next year will be more normal and all meetings of this type can be face to face.Please let me know if you’re interested or if you’d like more information. You can reply to the newsletter or send me an email at hhollingsworth@haywood.k12.nc.us

Haywood County Public Library

Please see the following video for information regarding the summer reading programs at the public library:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZk8kCQwKts

Final Words for This Crazy Year…

I have nothing but appreciation for all of the support, love, and kind words that we have received from our parents and community during this ROUGH school year. As I’ve said before, if you would have told me when I came to Bethel that all of these crazy things were going to happen, I would have thought you’d lost your ever loving mind. But…here we are…almost two years later, coming out on the other side of a world wide pandemic.Your kids are amazing and resilient and smarter and stronger than we ever thought they could be. I’m so proud of them and the progress they’ve made despite all the craziness. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are and will always be #bethelstrong

Have a great summer!!!


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