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No school for the rest of the week, Thursday and Friday, August 17-18.

We are gathering information about families who are in need of food and supplies. I know that cell service is spotty right now and that many are without power, but if you are receiving this message and know of anyone who might need anything please call the school at 646-3448 and let us know what those needs are or might be.

The Haywood Emergency Services number is 356-2981. This would be for things that you know are outside of what we would be able to help with…like structural damage to your home and stuff like that. If your bridge has washed away and you’re stranded, please call this number but also call and let us know so we can get you food, water, and supplies you may need.

Bethel Youth Organization will be serving free hamburgers and hot dogs this afternoon (Wed. 8/18) starting at 4:30 pm at the BMS football field.

Kindergarten parents: We will be sending another message just to you regarding Kinder Camp and the other kindergarten induction activities that were scheduled for this week and next. We aren’t sure what the plan is yet, but we’ll share it as soon as we know what it is.

Thank you so much!!


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