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End of Grade Tests Start Soon

We are required to do all our state End of Grade tests within the last 10 student days of the school year. That means our testing window is Thursday 5/19-Thursday 6/2. 3rd & 4th grade students take a reading test and a math test and 5th grade students take science, reading, and math tests. All test sessions that are missed must be made up within the 10 day window. Therefore, it is VERY important that students be present and on time on testing days. Sickness should be the only thing that causes a student to miss school on an EOG day.

We have many fun activities planned for “after” testing, but we have to make sure we get them all taken first.

Students will be rewarded for working hard on their EOGs each day they have a test. All students who are present, on time, and are seen using the strategies they’ve been taught while taking the test will receive a reward. Students who don’t use their strategies will not be chosen to receive a reward. Please read and understand this correctly…we are not giving rewards to those who “make a good grade” and withholding rewards from those who don’t “make a good grade”; we are rewarding diligent effort and hard work and use of the strategies the students have been taught.

Book Fair & Penny War Totals and One More Fundraising Effort

Our sales in the book fair totaled $14,500 which amounts to about $3,500 profit for our school library. Mrs. Chinn uses the money raised in each book fair to add books to our library.

The Penny War sponsored by our PTO the same week as the book fair raised $783.74. The winning grade level was 4th grade so they will be receiving an ice cream party very soon. However, we did so well in this fundraiser this year that our PTO is treating the “non-winning” grade levels to a popsicle for their efforts. Sound like a WIN WIN for everyone involved…ice cream or a popsicle…nobody loses in that deal:)

Thanks so much for your support of our Book Fair and for helping your student participate in the Penny War.

Our final fundraising effort for the school year is our Boon Supply fundraiser. All the students brought home a flyer this week with the simple instructions as to how this fundraiser works. If you haven’t seen the flyer, but would like to check it out, go to bsply.com/33767 for more information. There is a place to register your student as a seller or you can click “shop” at the top of the page to see what Boon Supply has for sale. Thanks in advance for helping us with this!

5th Grade Promotion & School Wide Awards

Our 5th grade promotion ceremony/celebration will be on Wednesday, June 1 at 1:00 pm in the BES gym. All 5th grade awards will be handed out at this ceremony.

All other student awards (grades K-4) will be given out earlier on that day. Several parents mentioned last year that they enjoyed being able to join the awards program using a google meet link so this year we will provide a virtual and in person option. Parents who can come in person will be welcome and those who need to hop on the virtual link for a minute or two while they’re at work will have that option, too. More information about that with a detailed class by class schedule and the link will be coming soon.

Free Meals in 2022-2023

Bethel Elementary has been approved for free breakfast and lunch for all students again for next school year. I just wanted to go ahead and let everyone know that, but it will definitely be communicated again as we move into next school year.


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