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Kids Heart Challenge

I’ve seen that some folks have already registered and shared the Heart Challenge info on Facebook. Thank you so much! Here is the info again just in case you missed it when it came home with students or was shared via Remind by teachers last week:

Here’s how you can help:

· Click Here to Register.

· Complete Finn’s Mission: Watch a 2-minute video to know Hands-Only CPR, spot the signs of a stroke and more!

· Share with friends and family through social media, text and/or email.

Growing as Leaders

We have rescheduled our Growing as Leaders student recognition program (originally scheduled before Christmas) to this Friday, 1/27, at 1:30 pm in the gym. If your child is being recognized you have been notified. There will be a reception for those students and their guests after the program.

All of our classes have been invited to join us in the gym as we recognize many of our student leaders here at BES. In keeping with the leadership theme, we are having a schoolwide Dress Your Best day this Friday. That means different things to different people and that is fine, just go with what you feel like it means. As always, participation in “dress up days” is optional.

Remote Learning Days

All school systems are required to have at least 5 remote learning days built into their school calendar each year. When we have a “snowday” and it turns into a remote learning day, that means that the day counts as a school day and one of the remote learning days that was scheduled gets removed. For example, we were out of school on Friday, 1/13 due to bad weather and it was called as a remote learning day. That means it counts as a school day and now the remote day that was scheduled for Wednesday, 2/8 is a regular school day. We just swapped a remote day for a regular day and no extra day had to be added to the end of the school year. I wish the word “optional” wasn’t used when remote days are called because that doesn’t mean that they’re optional. That means that staff can either work or take leave on those days so that is why they are called “Remote Learning Optional Workdays”. Anyway, whether we agree with these days or not, we have been told we have to build them into the calendar. If this explanation is unclear, please call me and we’ll talk it through.

Volunteer Opportunities

We always have things that volunteers can help us with from making copies to cutting out laminating to reading with kids. If you’d like to be a volunteer in any of those capacities, please go to the HCS website and click on Parents/Community, and then on Volunteer Now. That will take you to a website for a background check. When you get your letter and/or email from the background check company, give me a call and we’ll get you set up on a schedule volunteering here for us.


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