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2022-2023 BES School Improvement Team Members:

Heather Hollingsworth, Principal

Amanda Watson, Assistant Principal

Alma Wells, Lead Teacher

Jennifer Rigdon- Exceptional Children’s Teacher

Karen Henson- Kindergarten Teacher

Tiffany Cantrell- 1st Grade Teacher    

Elizabeth Muse- 2nd Grade Teacher    

Holly Trull- 3rd Grade Teacher        

Nicole Revis- 4th Grade Teacher    

Mandy Allen- 5th Grade                        

 Heather Cavner- Specialists     

Kasey Brooks-Teacher Assistants     

 Parent Representatives-     

 Nikki Novo Essig

Josie Rathbone

Nicole Wilson

2022-2023 Meeting Schedule (all meetings are at 3:30 pm in the auditorium and can also be attended virtually upon request):













User Friendly Version of the BES SIP 2020-2022

Goal 1:

Improve the Social and Emotional Health of our students

Objectives and Action Steps

Continue with the Core Essentials program for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year.

Research and choose a different SEL program for the 2021-2022 school year. This will consist of Mrs. Cavner compiling a list of possibilities and then discussing with her committee. A new program will be selected and PD will begin in the late spring/summer of 2021. Implementation on fall of 2021


Goal 2:

Increase and strengthen communication inside and outside the school.

Objectives and Action Steps:

Use of Smore newsletters from the principal to staff and parents.

Remind used by all teachers to communicate with parents as necessary.

School website update each time a parent newsletter goes out. 

Communicate with students/parents via Seesaw and Google classroom.

Continue using Blackboard phone system.

Utilize Google meets for parent engagement as well as socially distanced meetings with staff and parents for any purpose.

Continue to use paper/pencil correspondence as needed.


Goal 3:
Increase proficiency and growth in math in all subgroups.

Objectives and Action Steps:

All 4-5 students complete Passports for Learning.

All 3-5 students take NC Check Ins throughout the school year.

All 2-5 students take the 27 week test in March 2021.

Use Tools 4 Teachers tasks/assessments K-5.

All of these assessments will be used to drive instruction.

Investigations Reboot for all necessary folks.

Discuss Priority Standards, recently modified Investigations Units, and Tools 4 Teachers in PLCs.

Vertical alignment meetings between grade levels (January 5 Mandatory Workday).

Create a document of best practices for skill development of priority/foundational skills

Continue Max Thompson backwards planning modules

Each grade level will set student goals and utilize an incentive program to help students achieve their goals



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