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Miss North Carolina is in da house!!!! She spoke about bullying and how she was bullied when she was in school.

Story by…  Mayumi, 4th Grade Student

I met the glorious Miss North Carolina, McKenzie Faggart.  She gave us her life as a queen.  McKenzie told us about her platform, the S.A.F.E. Project.  S.A.F.E. stands for support, accept, forgive, and evolve.  She told us the meaning of each letter.  Support was about how you need people in your life who will support you and believe in you.  Having those kinds of people in your life will give you courage and confidence.  Accept was, I think, one of the most important letters.  I understood more about the world and about life.  Accept said things about how you have to accept everyone’s differences.  You may be different from someone else and you have to accept that.  Everyone’s different.  McKenzie went deep with forgive.  She taught me a lot while explaining to forgive.  She taught me you have to forgive people and say you’re sorry.  She talked about forgiving and forgetting.  Last but not least, evolve.  This one, I evolved from it.  McKenzie said to bring your mistakes with you.  Your errors and mess ups.  She said that because when you take those mistakes and errors with you, you get stronger and smarter.  You take those mistakes and learn from those mistakes.  You can keep people from making bad decisions in life by teaching them and making them evolve.  Miss North Carolina has taught me so much about life.  I feel like I can see this world in a new, beautiful way because of her.  This experience I think has made me a better, stronger person.


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