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  1. When coming to BES to get breakfast/lunch during the 11:00 am-1:00 pm window, please use the entrance that leads to the bus lot/staff parking lot/track. This is not the entrance that you use when coming to the AM and PM car line. Pull through the loop in a clockwise direction which will put the driver’s side closest to the building. We will direct you from there.
  2. We will be checking out Chromebooks and/or handing out packets of school work on Wednesday, 3/18. Please make sure to listen to your phone messages and keep checking this website for a schedule which will be posted sometime during the day on Tuesday, 3/17. If your child already has access to a device (laptop or tablet), there is no need to check one out from the school. All the resources they will need to use are internet based, not uploaded onto a specific school device. As long as you have internet access, any laptop or tablet will work.
  3. I have received several questions regarding Spring Break. All anyone can say at this point is that we are taking this pandemic on a day to day basis and there is no conceivable way to predict what is going to happen. I have plans for Spring Break just as many of you do and I am going to have to make some difficult decisions in the next few weeks, too.

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