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Our 5th grade promotion event will be on Friday, May 29. Each student’s parents will be asked to create a poster (no larger than 36″ x 48″ or 3′ x 4′) for their child and turn it in to the teacher by Friday, May 22. The posters will be placed along the main entrance road to the school. At 6:00 pm on 5/29, we will begin with Mandy Allen’s class at 6:00, Heidi Ashe’s class at 6:30, Courtney Myers’ class at 7:00, and Glenna Rayburn’s class at 7:30. One family at a time will be called (in alphabetical order) to get out of the vehicle and get a picture at the rock (painted especially for the 5th grade). When the picture is taken, the student will go to the door and the family will get back in the car and drive around to the bus parking lot. The student will be called into the school to sign the #bethelstrong banner and receive whatever stuff the teacher has for them (certificate, report card, note, etc) and then go on through the lobby to the bus lot door and out to reunite with their family. As soon as one family is finished at the rock we will move them along and call the next student’s name. It will be kind of like stations: A) Photo at rock, B) Wait at door, C) Go inside/sign banner/receive stuff, and D) Out the back door and find parents. We will have staff stationed at each of these areas keeping it moving and making sure that we are not going over our limit of 10 people out of their vehicles at once.

We want this to be as special as it can possibly be for our 5th graders, keeping in mind that we are required to abide by social distancing regulations. If the regulations and/or numbers of people who can gather together is changed before May 29, we will certainly make adjustments to this event.


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