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It is almost time to turn in Chromebooks and other materials. Please look around your house and find ALL items that belong to the school including library books, textbooks, laminated reading cards, laminated writing cards, etc. It is not necessary to turn in completed schoolwork, but if you want to bring it we will have bins for it.
We will have each student’s belongings from their desks and/or cubbies in a bag with their name on it.
If at all possible, please adhere to the schedule to lessen the wait time and the amount of traffic. Also, the grade level teachers will only be here on their designated dates and times.
Exceptional Children’s teachers will be here for all the time slots and have asked that ALL completed work done for them be returned to them at their table.
The collection schedule will be as follows:
Wednesday, 5/27: K-1 Anytime 11 am-1 pm. We will have bins/boxes for library books and ones for other items.
Thursday, 5/28: 2nd grade:
Chapman 9:00 am
Muse 9:30 am
Robinson 10:00 am
Rock 10:30 am
Wilson 11:00 am
3rd grade:
Garrett 1:00 pm
Marlow 1:30 pm
Miller 2:00 pm
Trull 2:30 pm
Friday, 5/29: 4th grade:
Allen 9:00 am
Brown 9:30 am
Hopkins 10:00 am
Nice 10:30 am
5th grade:
Allen 1:00 pm
Ashe 1:30 pm
Myers 2:00 pm
Rayburn 2:30 pm
Thank you so much for your patience and grace this spring as we have scrambled to try to do what is best for the kids. We will never again take for granted the opportunity we have to teach kids face to face. Bethel is, without a doubt, the best community in the world.

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