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As most of you already know we will be starting out the school year with remote learning in hopes that we can move to some in person by the end of September. The Jumpstart program for 1st-5th grades begins Monday, 7/27 and that does include some small group, in person instruction. If your child needs to participate in Jumpstart a teacher has already been in contact with you to schedule dates and times for your child to be here. Remember that all staff and students will be wearing masks. We have paper disposable masks for students who don’t have one. When you pull into car line there will be someone there directing you. A teacher will come to your vehicle and ask symptom screening questions and take the child’s temperature before he/she ever gets out of the vehicle.

For Kindergarten parents and parents of students not participating in Jumpstart, stay tuned for information regarding upcoming events. As I’ve said many times, thank you SO much for your patience. I promise we’re not dragging our feet or keeping information from you…we’re just trying to figure things out as we get the information. Thanks again!!


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