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I hope everyone is having a safe and enjoyable summer and that you’ve gotten to do things and go places that were “off limits” last summer.

This is just a quick newsletter to give you some information before school starts for the 2021-2022 year.

First of all, I know that there are students living in our district who are not enrolled at BES yet. If you have a friend, neighbor, family member, or person that sits beside you on the bleachers at football practice who you know is going to enroll their student at BES for this school year, please encourage them to do that ASAP. As I’ve mentioned before, we are allotted teachers based on the number of students in each grade level. If several students enroll on the first day and we are required to hire another teacher, that means we will have to divide all the classes up and disrupt everything…right off the bat at the beginning of the year. We can avoid that if people will enroll their students NOW!

The governor held a press conference today and said many times that masks should be worn by all students in grades K-8 and all staff at those schools at all times while indoors. He was asked by several reporters what would happen if school boards/districts chose not to abide by that recommendation and he never gave a definitive answer. Our school board meets this coming Tuesday evening so I’m quite sure I will be able to give you more information regarding masks for this school year after that meeting. I will certainly keep you posted!

A big question this time of year is, “Who’s your teacher gonna be?”…well, right now the teachers don’t even know who is in their class yet. All teachers will be mailing a letter or a postcard to each student and all students should receive one no later than Wednesday, August 3. If you’ve moved or had a mailing address change, please make sure to call and let us know so your child’s letter will go to the right mailbox.

We will be having a Meet the Teacher event at some point late in the week of August 9-13. Our School Improvement Team makes those plans and that group is scheduled to meet next Thursday, July 29. You will be notified by automated phone message and via the BES website on that day as to the details of our Meet the Teacher event.

The HCS calendar is available on the HCS website. First day back for students is Monday, August 16 and it is a 12:30 dismissal. Keep in mind that winter weather always causes the calendar to change and I will keep you in the loop as those changes happen throughout the year. Snowdays also cause the school year to typically go a little longer than the original calendar says so please don’t plan your vacation for the first week in June…there’s always a very good chance we’ll still be in school.

It’s time to link your Ingles Advantage Card to BES for this upcoming year; this has to be done each year. It’s a very quick and easy process as long as you have your card handy.


School supply lists are on the BES website.

Have a fantastic rest of your summer:)


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