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New Quarantine Guidance (5+5)

The school board voted to allow students and staff a shorter quarantine timeline. There is a flow chart that is easy to understand; the chart can be seen by going to the Haywood County Schools website and clicking on the post entitled “5+5 Covid Guidance”.As always, if you have questions call and speak with our school nurse, Amber Golden. She continues to do a fantastic job at both Bethel Elementary and Bethel Middle during these crazy Covid times.

Reading for Education Fundraiser

Thank you so much for participating in this fundraiser so quickly. We made over $1000 profit in the first 24 hours. Please continue to add email addresses to the site; people are always very generous in donating gift cards for books to our teachers. There is no time limit for this fundraiser so there’s no need to hurry. Do it when you can spare a few minutes.Thanks again!!

February 14-18 is going to be a fun week

Next week (2/14-18) is “Love the Bus Week” as well as “Random Acts of Kindness Week”.Students have begun writing thank you notes to our bus drivers in class this week, but feel free to help them make one at home for their bus driver, too. Our bus drivers are a vital part of every single school day.

Each day next week will have a different theme, all of which are associated with kindness. (Monday-Superhero Day, Tuesday-Tie Dye Day, Wednesday-Wacky Day, Thursday-Pajama Day, Friday-Bethel Blue & White Day). Please encourage your child, next week and every week, to make an effort to be kind to others in all aspects of their lives.

Pre-K Applications

There are six Pre-K programs housed in five elementary schools within HCS. The Pre-Ks are housed at North Canton, Meadowbrook, Clyde, Hazelwood, and Jonathan Valley. Even though Bethel doesn’t have a Pre-K, students who live in our district are still eligible to apply to attend one of the programs in Haywood County Schools. The applications are available at the central office or you can request that one be emailed to you by completing this google form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1BpVc-yaxtoqo_zOHZD0YKA0I9x4Qd-nvrJ_TKCHjiuA/edit

Automated Phone Call System

Several people across all 15 schools have mentioned that they haven’t been receiving the automated calls letting them know when there is a school delay or closing. Often what has happened is that they have accidentally hit the wrong button and have “opted out” of receiving calls. If you’d like to know whether you’ve opted out and get “opted back in”, please call this phone number 1-855-502-7867.

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